3 reasons NOT to study the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online

Online study is the fastest growing sector of vocational and university education, and the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as an online  option is booming. The number of online training providers and courses are now more popular than face-to-face training. Two main reasons for the boom in online training is to do with the very low cost of providing these courses and fierce competition of providers. While normally low cost is good for the student, it does not add up when you look at the statistics.

1. 94% of online students DO NOT complete their studies

Research consistently shows that online course completion rates are significantly lower than face-to-face training, with only one out of ten students actually completing their course. This means that 94% of students have spent their money on a course and will not receive a qualification at the end. To make it clear only 6% of online students actually finish their course. Many training providers have online completion rates in the single digits. Always ask what is the completion rate of a course before you pay your hard earned money. No Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can guarantee you will be able to finish a qualification or get a job at the end of the training.

2. Training and Assessment is a practical qualificationboring online training and assessment

While a large number of training providers offer the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment  (abbreviated to TAE40122) online or in distance mode, this is one qualification that SHOULD NOT be offered online. As the TAE40122 requires significant practical skills demonstration and a number of group training deliveries, with real people, it is easy to see why the course is almost impossible to complete online. Always ask your provider if face-to-face is an option and what the price difference is between online and classroom delivery. Also double check if you have to pay extra to complete the group deliveries or if you have to find your own vocational placement in an RTO.

3. Training and Assessment online or by distance is suited for regional workplace trainers or those who are currently workplace trainers

The only two groups that should even attempt to undertake the TAE40122Certificate IV in Training and Assessment online are those who are currently workplace trainers and those living in regional Australia. Workplace trainers will already have experience in training and assessment, and more importantly, have access to groups to deliver the majority of  the course. Those in regional Australia have the difficulty of distance, isolation and access issues with finding a provider, and end up with no choice but to study online (if they even have the internet) or via distance mode.

As an experienced Vocational Education and Training practitioner and looking at the research, I recommend that anyone thinking of attempting the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment should ask themselves these questions:
Is a low price the real reason I chose the provider?
Will I have access and time to complete all the training and assessment material online?
Would I be better off investing the time and energy to complete the TAE40122 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, face to face with a real teacher and actual students?
For comparison, the national average of completing a Vocational qualification is 34%, for online study this is about 6%. To find out our course completion rates call us. Always ask what is the completion rate of you studying the Certificate IV Training and Assessment online is likely to? Visit the new www.myskills.gov.au website for more information on RTOs and quality training. 

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  1. Online courses now require a minimum 6 months for the completion of TAE40116, even if the provider offers the course in 5 day. This means while you may be able to complete a fast-track TAE40116 you will have to wait 6 months before you get your certificate.